$30 Cover Charge
for open bar &
passed hors d'ouevres

Lillie's Times Square
249 W 49th St.
New York, New York 10019


On May 9, 2014, the popular Brooklyn wedding venue reBar shut down with no notice, robbing couples of their money and leaving them scrambling for new plans.

These are three of their stories...

Maggie and Alex have been together for almost 9 years. They got engaged 3 years ago, when Maggie foiled Alex's elaborate plans to propose, forcing him to pop the question on the street across from the surprise engagement party Maggie didn't know she was attending. Alex works in publishing, and Maggie is an actor and passionate marriage equality activist. Both originally from Vermont, they live in Hell's Kitchen with their French Bulldog, Moxie.

Tara and Gordon 'The Littles', met several years ago working on HAIRSPRAY together. Gordon was the audio engineer in the theatre and Tara played Tracy. He grew to love the person underneath the costume layers and you could say--he quickly became her sounding board and she, his leading lady. The only glitch as they dated, courted and adventured through the years, was that he was from Vancouver and she, from New York. Still, they couldn't see their lives without each other, so the summer of 2013, Gordon permanently moved to NYC. In October, he proposed on a pier in the Hudson River Park near their home in a hobbit-sized Studio in the West Village.

Billy and Peyton's wedding date will mark 7 years together. They met while doing a show at the Riverside Theatre, shared their first kiss on the Florida beach, and got engaged March 2013 when Billy got down on one knee in that Florida sand. Along with their theatre careers, Billy is a photographer and Peyton is a web designer. Both grew up in Maryland and have built a happy life together in NYC.


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